Our Process

1. Diagnosis & Specification
Each new association begins with a primary briefing with the clients where all of the key parameters we are to search for are agreed to and documented.

2. The Strategy Formulation
The investigation is started which almost always begins with visiting the client’s office and meeting with all the key executives to begin discussing the business environment and any other issues necessary.

3. Search Strategy Implementation
Initiating the research into which companies and sectors that will best match the role which will continue with that prospective prospect is initially approached informally, to begin their assessment.

4. Interviewing and Hiring of Clients
Start intense competency-based interview by client to evaluate and validate the prospect position requirement and to make report of investigation results is provided

5. Follow–up & Integration
Our specialist completes all of the reference checks to ensure the prospects qualifications based on all of the external views and to acquire the acceptable salary standard. Once the actual offer is made, we will take part in all of the negotiations on behalf or our client. If needed, we will make ourselves available to assist with any integration.