Are You Choosing Quality Over Quantity?

I have a question for all hiring managers out there … do you recognize quality candidates when you see them? If you are, then why are you not hiring them?

My purpose for asking this questions is because while there are a few competent hiring managers out there that snag quality employees, a majority of you simply don’t. And those that don’t know who they are. Remember how I once wrote about the trend of deliberately under-stating a cost to a future employee? This is a disturbing trend that’s still taking place and I have a word of warning, it’s called the counter offer. This is how the quality candidate you could have hired will go back to their company and get themselves a raise to stay. You may be wondering why you would even bother to hire an employee that would consider a counter offer, but don’t let yourself be fooled. You only end up wasting valuable time and energy by checking a candidate’s references and conducting interviews only to lose them in the end.

When you understate a potential new hire, you are not showing them the “love” that they’re looking for, and let me tell you something, if you don’t then they’ll find it at their current company. It is not unheard of for these employees to put in their resignation and quickly get a counter offer that will make them change their minds about leaving.

If you ultimately decide to work with a headhunter for your candidate search then it would do you well to listen to what the headhunter has to say. Especially when it comes to salary expectations. If these expectations are something you can work with then you should proceed, but if it’s not then you should not take the process any further. It’s also very important not to inform any new hire that they are coming at a price, this is a major no-no in the hiring process. Believe it or not, this has happened in several searches we have conducted. This is private information that a candidate should never be privy to. It’s not only disrespectful to the candidate, but also to the recruiting agency. If you know that you cannot afford to work with a recruiter, then please don’t waste your time or theirs. When you do this, you are, in essence, telling the candidate that since your company had to pay to find them, they will be made to pay the consequences. Nobody wants to hear that! Headhunters are on your side, they work to find you the best candidates for the job positions you have available and have your best interest in mind. Just as you would pay an employee a salary for doing their job well, a good recruiter deserves the same treatment.

Good talent is hard to find, and sometimes you need to look a little harder to find it. There are many reasons a candidate can give to explain why they are considering leaving the current company they’re working for. Once you look past all of these surface reasons, you will find that almost 99% of the time it all boils down to money.