5 Reasons To Hire Indonesian Millennials

The ability to quickly adapt might be a common denominator for most millennials. But Indonesia's Gen Y -- with the projected population of 90 million in 2030 -- has much more to offer. Here are five compelling reasons to hire millennials from Indonesia:

1. Humble

Indonesians are taught since their early days to be humble. Be like drooping rice, a popular proverb says. Just like rice droops more as it matures since its kernels get heavier, the smarter and wiser ones must be humble. This feature sometimes makes Indonesians misunderstood as people with low esteem, but look deeper and you will find humbleness.

2. Less talk, more action

Most Indonesians do not like to brag, and are more comfortable to speak out in private conversations. This is very much related with the first point, of being humble. You will find Indonesians tend to talk less in public fora such as meetings and conferences, unless they are being asked. It does not mean that they are clueless, in the contrary, they do have opinions and plans, and are ready to implement (or already implemented) them.

3. Multicultural background

Living in a country of more than 300 distinct ethnic groups in around 17,500 islands, at the crossroads of oceans and continents, it is almost impossible for Indonesians to grow up in homogeneous communities. Interaction with people from different backgrounds is inevitable, enabling Indonesians to bolster not only tolerance but also the ability to adopt best practices from other cultures. In addition, due to negative experiences in past conflicts, Indonesians will choose to avoid conflict and seek consensus whenever possible. This will contribute positively for harmony in the workplace.

4. Democratic

17 years have passed since the authoritarian President Soeharto stepped down, giving way to democracy for the country. Dubbed by The Economist as South-East Asia's only fully functioning democracy, Indonesia has learned that democracy, along with its feature, decentralization, is the best option to go forward. This background gives Indonesian millennials both the ability to appreciate and consider others' opinions as well as responsible autonomy in the workplace.

5. Socialites

Indonesians love to socialize, and have embraced almost all social media platforms available. Just check their cellphones and you will find Facebook, Twitter, Path, Whatsapp, Line, or a myriad of other social media channels installed. This makes them perfect for marketing and public relations positions, especially in the culture where words of mouth is still powerful. Indonesians love to click "share" so your products, branding or activation can go viral quickly.

So get in touch with young Indonesian professionals now and you'll see these qualities within them.