3 Ways to Apply for Jobs outside Job Fairs

When most people think about where to apply for jobs, they would think of job fairs. There are also many types of them – from ones your campus schedule on a regular basis to industry-specific ones for experienced staffs – but there’s a catch to this.

Walking to booths to different companies may be good for you to get an idea of what the company is looking for by talking to the representatives, with a large amount of people flocking fairs to apply for jobs hence means a large volume to applications to screen. It means that it may be hard to have them remember you and to impress them as you line up with thousands of other job applicants.

Worry not! Job fairs are not your only options. There are few ways you can seek out open positions without having to feel claustrophobic or can really impress through your personal connections.

Social Media Research

It’s free, it’s easy and it can get you noticed. Never estimate the power of social media as any public inquiry can inform you on jobs you have not thought about before. Consider yoruself putting a call out to your social network, either by tagging friends or a simple call out to see if anyone knows of great companies in your area, or specific roles you have been eyeing for.

On the other hand, searching via social media can be targeted and actually effective. For example, on Twitter, make use of specific hashtags as companies sometimes look for candidates online. #Marketingjobs, #Jakartajobs or #loker can be something you hit on keyboard and click on search bar. You will find companies in your industry or area that are actually looking to immediately hire, and it can be a good medium to shine yourself through creative ways. Mention them of your portfolio link, or even your 140-character resume!

Reach Out and Get Yourself Out There

One of the best ways to find out open positions are actually through networking, and good news is, it does not have to necessarily be formal networking events. Though they are a great place to start as they can help you talk to people who are already in the field or the industry, you can also seek other less formal ways such as meet-ups, chat with friends or even volunteering.

This is an awesome way to have conversations on someone you already know to see what they think about the industry and their role, what’s great about this is that they can share with you some headstarts – as they let you know positions that are actually ready to fill in before the company opens it to public!

If you have applied, it is important to let them know. They can suggest you tips on nailing the job interview because of their experience. Better yet – they can even recommend you internally to ensure that your application actually gets noticed by the HR department of the company you apply for!

Capitalize Your Alumni Networks

When you are in college, make a good use of your campus’ career center. Not only they can help to train you to create a great resume, nail your interview to find jobs that pique your interests, even when you have already graduated, your alumni network can be a good resource in finding your next stint.

Alumni networks have great connections with a variety of companies and although you may not know them personally, the alumni of your schools are willing to help out and want to connect you to get in touch with the right people. In the end, your alma mater wants to see its graduates to work in careers they love and also succeed.

Job fairs can be nerve-wrecking and overwhelming. Impress your applications by optimizing your personal connections, and the more people you know, the more you will start hearing other cool companies and positions they are looking to fill.